Top Health Watch Apps for Family Wellness

The watch you wear tells a lot in the fitness stage and with technology, it’s more than  the tick of time, nope, it’s been used to house health and fitness apps. With a built-in heart rate monitor, GPS tracker for distance and speed during workouts- this formerly simple wear has transformed into a comprehensive gadget while maintaining its simplicity.

There are many brands in the smart watch market like Mi. Mi has launched awesome watches at affordable rate. The newest healthy smart watch is called Mi Smart Band 4 and is claimed to be the  India's No.1 Fitness Band. The top watch offers up-to 20 Days Battery Life with Color AMOLED Full-Touch Screen. The watch offers Waterproof with Music Control and Unlimited Watch Faces.

All these smart watches also need a smart apps to run them. Smart apps are required to view the data captured by the smart watches and help us understand what do we need to do to get some pisitive results. It is very essential to get up to date data and upgrade the latest software.  We focus on three of the common watch apps.

Top Health Watch Apps for Family Wellness

Wear OS by Google Smartwatch (was Android Wear)

The new Wear OS by Google Smartwatch (was Android Wear) has been reviewed by 2,14,787 votes. The top healthy watch app will display important messages, track health and fitness and help you to personalized help.

Runtastic Top Health Watch App for Family Wellness

This is an apple watch that has three apps from the popular run-tracking platform; original, Runtastic six-pack and the Runtastic Butt trainer and these include some glances feature, which will display an avatar. The avatar displays the right way to do exercise.

Features and Benefits

You don’t have to keep checking the phone- the display helps you to follow seamlessly
It’s a simple app to follow and therefore you don’t have to struggle burn the calories
Runtastic heart rate monitor is compatible with many smart phones and therefore whichever you have, you’ve the stuff with you.

Hello Heart Health Watch App for Family Wellness

Worried about your blood pressure and keen with your heart health condition. This is a heart-monitoring app, which allows you to follow up on vital signs right from your wrist. Close to 40% of the Americans have a heart condition; anyone could develop such and therefore acquisition of Hello heart is a precautionary measure you cannot wish away.

Features and Benefits

The app makes it easy to monitor the heart health and blood pressure condition real-time. You don’t have to wait for long before getting results. It captures the early signs of the condition and therefore you can take precautions before things go bad. Hello Heart is a “doctor” away from the doctor - you do not have to go visiting the health specialist for manageable heart and blood pressure condition.