Best Healthy Tech Gadgets to improve Health

The past few years have seen an explosion in what technology can offer and especially in the health and fitness industry. It has never been as exciting as it is in this rather sensitive sector and thanks to technology. We focus on two of some of the best health tech gadgets that will give you perfectly desirable health benefits.

Best Healthy Tech Gadgets to improve Health

Sculpt Aim Fitness Tracker

Gone are the days when you’d use a tape measure, and weighing scales to measure fitness. It’s a small gadget that houses 12 different sensors and by placing it on your biceps, triceps, abs and quads, you get the body muscle quantity and the percentage fat content.

Features and benefits

Sculpt Aim provides results for up to 24 different muscles
It’s a portable gadget, splash proof and user-friendly
Sculpt Aim Fitness tracker is in sync with Bluetooth and Smartphone and this makes it perfect for all

Kolibree Smart Toothbrush

Re you the type that do not like anything in the morning including the toothbrush. Then, you don’t have to worry- technology just turned it into a game. With 3D sensors alongside the mobile app. The app records the brushing habits and the selected games makes the whole thing entertaining- isn’t it exciting?

Features and Benefits

The movement of the brush controls the games and this makes it beautiful
With Kolibree, you can monitor your brushing habits and those close to you.
With this, you get live feedback- it’s an interactive app
It’s an easy to use app for all- with simplified procedures

Beddit sleep monitor

Your sleep hours are much more important than the active hours-it’s the time your body is rejuvenated and refreshed for a brand new day. Technology has made it possible to track your sleep quality and suggest ways of improving it.

Features and Benefits

You can now take control of your sleep- Beddit allows you hospital -level measurements of your sleep and how to improve it for better health
An easy to use gadget, which doesn’t require training.
With Beddit Sleep Monitor, you own the power of sleep and therefore you can take good control and perfect measures.