Pocket-sized Healthcare Gadgets to improve health management

With the advancement of technology, one can take good care of themselves and avoid the surprises that come as a result of some rather complicated medical conditions. Smart wear takes centre stage in monitoring your health conditions and merged with other health monitoring Apps, you can perfectly organize your health related schedules and therefore  no worry with attacks which sometimes lead to death.

Following are two of the healthcare gadgets that you can grab today and improve your health management.

Pocket-sized Healthcare Gadgets to  improve health management


When you want to see your blood oxygen levels, respiratory and heart rate, then tink’e is the gadget for you. A gadget teaches you how to manage stress through perfect relaxation techniques and thus improving your overall body fitness.

Features and benefits

You can easily monitor your fitness changes over time and take necessary precautionary measures.
This gadget enables you to keep a health journal and therefore you’ll better understand your body wellness.
Tink’e will help you compare with other users- from all corners in real-time.
With Tink’e, you can share your views and learn from your network on Facebook, Twitter and all. You get social as you move toward fitness.


This is a glucose-monitoring gadget that connects to your smart phone-audio section. Dario tells you the sugar level based on the blood strips and the much insulin you require. You only need to supply all the necessary details and true, it will feed you perfectly.

Features and benefits

It’s a pocket size gadget that you carry wherever you go; whether in a purse of pocket, its portability is perfect.
Simple to use and with a compact design, a simplified version of a blood glucose meter.
Whether you are walking or sitting - or in a busy schedule, Dario will give you accurate results of your glucose status- even as you read this article.