A history of make up: FROM WHERE MAKEUP STARTED!

Have you ever wondered or tried to know where did it all start? The lipstick you wear or the liner you put up intricately?  Well there is more to makeup than what is in your in your make up bag.

Appearance and good looks have always been a key feature of women’s’ lives, regardless of the epoch, century or decade. Though variance was slow and not that obvious in the earliest centuries, by the 20th century, make up trends and styles changed at a faster pace from decade to decade.
According to Gabriela Hernandez, founder of Besame Cosmetics and author of Classic Beauty: the History of Makeup, make up was first used around in 33,000 BC. Mineral oxides, ochre powders and lampblack were one of the first identified pigments of makeup. If we’re talking about the first people to in fact mix ingredients together for the reason of applying and beautifying, then most would give the Egyptians that title.

A history of make up: FROM WHERE MAKEUP STARTED!

Egyptians are classically viewed as being the first “cosmetologists,” due to archeological findings of ancient make-up kits, and, of course, the Egyptian art that demonstrates us how and where they wore make-up. They were popular and highly recognized as “painting their eyes” using eyeliner and primitive mascara – and in a fashion and manner that is still imitated till this day whenever someone wants to take inspiration from the Cleopatra look.

The idea of this was soon taken by the Romans and the Greeks who followed the Egyptians. However the first commercially used makeup was made in the ancient Rome. Rich women wore costly cosmetic imports from China and Gaul, while poorer women bought low-priced knock-offs – however, because make up is in fact a time taking process, these poorer women and servants either did not have the time or servants to apply them.

Making a move towards the more modern make up we see today, Max Factor is given credit for it. One of the brands of cosmetics lines that exists to this day. He fruitfully marketed the make-up he created for both movie actresses and everyday women in the first few years of the 20th century. In the same period, young entrepreneur T.L. Williams, created Maybelline. A name that was kept after merging his older sister’s name – Mabel with Vaseline – the main product used in the company’s first mascara.

Since the times in history, the makeup world has evolved significantly. From the 1950’s winged eyeliner, 1960’s loads of lashes to 2010’s bold eyebrows, make up is making more and more place in women’s overall look. Well, we hope you binge on to the next make up trend.