Methods of Meditation Techniques for Beginners

Meditation or Pranayama or the use of yoga or the use of many methods can fasten the process of ceasing the operations or karma of the system of mind. There are many Methods of Meditation Techniques for Beginners for this.

Vivekanada method of Meditation - Pranayamam.

Straight your spine first. Spine, neck and the head must come in a straight line. Sit in a relaxed postire. Then start slow breathing. Take a breth for 4 seconds (Poorakam), keep the breath for 16 seconds (Kumbakam) and exhale in 8 seconds (rechakam). This process is called Pranayamam. When doing Poorakam or inhaling, close the right nose with your finger and breath. Then imagine that breath has gone to the spine center and hit the Kundalini in the spine. Keep the imagination there for 16 seconds. Then slowly close the left nose and exhale with the right nose. When exhaling imagine that you are pulling the Kundalini energy up to the brain. This is the summary of physical and mental description of a pranayamam.

Methods of Meditation Techniques for Beginners

To do this, start with slow breathing. Then stop breathing for few seconds till you can. Never force it. It means breath for few 4 seconds, then exhale slowly without keeping the breath inside. Stop inhaling for few seconds (Bahirkumbakam). If you keep the breath inside, its called Antha kumbakam. If you keep the breath outside its called Bahir kumbakam. Bahir means outside and antha means inside. You should not keep breath inside pranayama or Antha kumabakam for not more than 4 more times per day. This is called Rajayoga and it comes with many warning signs. Hence we are going to the next theory.

Brahmanada Shivayogi Methods of Meditation Techniques for Beginners

Shivayogi talks about the point method (bindu). He says to sit erect and focus the on the point between eye brows. He says Kundalini will rise if we stop focusing in everything else. He says Kundalini is attracted to where we concentrate. He says Kundalini is nothing but the source of energy. This energy is what we use to function when we focus. So merely focusing the point between eye brows is enough. No need to do any breathing exercise or anything else.

J Krishamurthi Method of Meditation

J K says to observe the mind. The thoughts generated by the mind can be observed since it happens inside us. We the awareness should observe very single thought generated by the mind without actively taking part in it. Slowly the thoughts will reduce and eventually leading to nothingness.

Sree Ramana Maharishi Method of Meditation

Sree Ramana Maharshi tells to ask how ourselves a simple question: who am I? By asking the question we are channelizing the energy of the mind to this question only. Other thought slowly vanish and eventually the I become pointless leading to nothingness.

Paul Brunton Method of Meditation

Brunton was a disciple of Ramana Maharishi. He have applied the attention of consciousness to its own center, striving to find the source of consciousness or the origin of it. Slowly the mind reached a blank wall. Then he surrendered to complete passivity but observing or watching the waves of thought. He clearly explains how the consciousness works without the hindrance of the thoughts and the brain goes into a complete suspension mode. This is a of of the good Methods of Meditation Techniques for Beginners.

The premodial energy is awaiting behind the human mind. WHen it called out we will remember who we are and recover our soul.