Do Nothing to Outsmart the System of Mind

How do we outsmart the system of mind. That is the question we need to ask. Before that why do we need to outsmart the system of mind. As I have mentioned earlier, system of mind is focused on survivability. It does not take into account of anything else.

Now, lets look at saints, sanyasis, rishis, sages, prophets, or people who are said to have outsmarted the mind. Buddha for example left everything and searched for truth. Truth is just an idea of the system of mind. Did he try to search for just an idea inside his head. No, he is said to have attained Nirvana. What is Nirvana means. It means non-self or emptiness. It means Buddha outsmarted the mind by doing nothing.

Do Nothing to Outsmart the System of Mind

What does that mean. How can we outsmart the mind by doing nothing. In a previous post, I mentioned that karma is what the system of mind does to survive. Now to stop these karma, one has to stand still and do nothing.

What happens if we do nothing. We end up nothing. We, i mean the system of mind reaches its peak of karma and slowly take a dip and finally falls flatten. This nothingness is what Buddha had. What happens to our system of mind after we reach nothingness. Well, the problem with explaining such states of nothingness is like measuring the cosmos with 15 cm scale.

So bear with me on this. We can only reach something. Nothingness is nothingness when the system of mind ceases to function. What remains is who we are. The awareness. We are the awareness noting but awareness.

I want to start another topic here. This is my third post today. I wrote a 600 words articles first, then the second article was 500 words long and slowly the interest of the mind to write more subsided. It has somehow reached its limit of processing. Mind always need new thoughts and new information to keep the process going.

Why do we spend so much more for entertainment. Because system of mind gives us the endorphins needed when we engage in such activities. It provides a relaxed state. Let me ask you something. How will you know the difference between tension and relaxation if there is no tension. Tension happens because of the friction of the system of mind. Friction of thoughts, karma you can say. If there are no karma, that means there is no friction, no tension and you are always relaxed.

The next question would be is it possible to be karma less in the world. Everyone has to do karma to live so if we stop karma we may end up dying. For that we need to dig deeper. We have to understand the system of mind is developed in a way to help us survive. So karma is important.

What we can do is to limit the karma that we are doing ans spend more time to observe the system of mind. How it function, how is it generating thoughts, how it is making us do karma. Mere observations will lead us to outsmart the mind.

We cannot run from the world to get out of karma since karma is part of the system of mind to help us survive. What we could do is to understand that we are doing any karma. All are done by the system of mind.