Why Everyone Should Wear Masks Coronavirus (COVID-19)

There are many WHO and other related organisations stating that healthy people do no need to wear masks and gloves. I do not think that is the right approach considering the contagiousness of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) or 2019-nCoV infection. I am trying to understand this using common sense.

When to Wear a Mask To Fight against 2019-nCoV infection

WHO advises to wear a mask if you are coughing or sneezing. This is right for person who has some kind of sickness. What about a healthy person coming in contact with a sick person who does not wear mask. The person will show symptoms only after 8 days or during those days. There are times when the symptoms appears after 10 or more days. Till this time, the person will think that he is healthy and will be spreading the virus. Hence it is always good that everyone wear masks irrespective healthy or not healthy.

Imagine if a child get infected. The child can spread the virus to parents, relatives and other family members in home easily. It would be easier to contain a child in a house. But the parents may have to go out and the chain goes on. Schools are being closed across America because of this. 

Imagine an employee gets this virus and he does not wear a mask. Then all the other employees have a chance to get this virus. This can only be stppoed if everyone wear a mask and regular hand washing. 

Why Everyone Should Wear Masks and Gloves on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

When To Use a Mask for Healthy People

As per WHO, a healthy person should only a wear a mask if the person is taking care of a person suspected with 2019-nCoV infection. This is again a statement which underestimate the contagiousness of the 2019-nCoV infection. I will post a picture here on how 2019-nCoV infection spread fast.

Corona spread explained easily

Consider this situation. The spread can only minimized only if everyone stay at home, or wear a masks, gloves and do proper hand washing. Masks must be a compulsory for healthy people. So if you ask me when should a healthy person wear a mask, I would say Always.

What should You do withe the Masks After using them

Never throw away the masks in a recycle bin or on roads. It will have virus. So always burn it.

Can Wearing Masks Stop the 2019-nCoV infection spread

No. It wont. Unfortunately. You will have to do proper hand washing, physical and social distancing, and stay at home. 

Maintain Physical Distancing

Wearing masks and properly manage them are very essential steps to fight against Covid-19 pandemic. We all should be very careful on educating others on the importance of wearing masks and staying indoors. The Government all over the World including America, Italy, France, Spain are unable to manage the Corona situation due to lack of awareness and proper response time. It is up to the individuals now to take care of themselves by not going out unless it is buy essential items.