What is the Evolutionary Purpose of Happiness

We are just evolved to be who we are. We all are, I mean each individual is a product of evolution. The gen pool determines our traits and personality. All these gene pools are test of evolution to check what type of gene pool should be replicated to the next generation. That way we all are lab rats of evolution. What can we learn from this theory is that since we all are experiments in the larger spectrum of evolution, we have only one purpose. That purpose is to live till we die.

The purpose of life is to live somehow. The more we live we will create more progeny and thereby ensuring the special continuity. Evolution is mechanical process. Evolution has strict rules and if those rules are broken, then it may result in some other consequences. However evolution does not happen per species in a specific period.

It happens every day, every moment, from the larger species to a tiny some cell. Smaller changes of evolution leading to a bigger change is whats happening in nature. This can be compared to the sound of the ocean. We hear the sound of ocean by the sands in the sea. Each sand produce a sound but we don't hear these sounds. What we hear is the compound version of it. Just because do not hear each sound does not mean they don't exist. We need to think more micro to capture this understanding.

Evolutionary Purpose of Happiness

What happens if you have a disease that is going to kill you in some time. It might be kidney related, cancer or both combined. What option you are left with. You did everything possible and you try out different methods to live -naturopathy, acupuncture, modern medicine and many more. But nothing words then what will happen. Either you can get really depressed. Yes, you have the right to be depressed and anxious. People telling you not to be anxious are wrong because they cannot understand the fear of death inside you. They cannot fathom imagine how it is to face your dooms day when you know it will happen in near future.

You might be a lover, a wife, a mom, a father, a doctor. These identities can be anything and you might have achieved the Nobel price. Maybe you haven't achieved anything, a college failure, unemployed and have no money. Does it matter in the long run of things. Because you might be not be there to see all this, how the world is going to change. Do you care about the people near you. Do they matter.

I remember when my grand father died. I cried when i heard the news. I saw his body and I sat on a chair in front of my house and felt the helpless of life. After that i stopped crying. When my uncle passed away, that night my mom cried like anything, wife and daughter of the said uncle were crying and I would say pretty badly. Next day they were fine. They smiled even though they had pain inside. The pain has subsided in a day. After some time new things happen and people will forget you and even themselves. Then one day death will come for them.

No one can stop the cycle of death. We are just organic matter and we are going to perish one day or another. Being right now is what matters. But then we are here right now, then is our purpose only to live. That purpose is making us happy. Very true. Because the purpose is not to make anyone happy. Some say happiness is state of mind. No, not at all. Happiness is a product of evolution. We feel happy if we satisfy our needs, wants, desires. Because those desires ensure the survival. So happiness is when we all ensure the survival and that is deeply rooted in the process of evolution. Our Psychology is no different from animal psychology.