Mushroom Farming at Home for Profitability

Mushroom Farming at Home for Profitability is a profitable business method. Anyone can start doing Mushroom Production. You need some space, water, and discipline. Mushroom Production fetches more than 50% profit in the beginning stage. You can sell dried or raw mushrooms.

The temperature has to be within 20-26 and humidity has to be 70-85, specific soil and
if you can satisfy that you can grow anywhere. In Himachal there is a area called Mushroom Nagari (City of Mushrooms). It exports from Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai.

Items Needed for Mushroom Farming at Home for Profitability

Mushroom Farming at Home for Profitability

Each 10g spawn will give 1.3 kg mushroom
1 spawn = 20g
1 spawn will give 2.6 kg
100 spawn gives 260 kg
they sell at 60 inr (edited)
profit = 15600-2500-1500 = 11600 Rs
now calculation of dried mushroom.
1 kg mushroom if dried you will get 100g
260 kg will yield 26 kg
this is expensive and sells at min 500 inr
will give 26*500 = 13000 Rs

Sanitary water is needed when making pods.
You've to regularly water the pods when the mushroom germinates

Directions for Mushroom Farming at Home for Profitability

1. Odisha weather is good for paddy straw type which can be cultivated from Feb to Nov and from Nov to Feb. You can go for oyster type. Dry climate would have problems. It cause less humidity and more heat. Big cultivators even use AC to cool down the place. But best way is to use the lower ground floor of a two floor house.

2. You can get training from Department of agriculture or horticulture. You can visit mushroom spawn centers for knowing more about it. The mushroom is planted in polythene pods, 2 hours to set up a pod, then wait 20 days then water 5 days, then take out and sell.

3. As you know, Mushroom are in great in demand in big cities as well as rural areas. You can easily start a small production farm and experiment as you go. You can sell mushrooms easily and make money without much risk. You can easily use Mushroom Farming at Home for Profitability.

4. There is just one entrepreneur who changed the demographics of Himachal Pradesh. The actual city of mushroom is Bhubaneswar due to paddy mushroom.
100/kg at just retail which sells at >500/kg in Bangalore. But condition is it will be wasted within 8 hours. So when you buy you will have roughly 5 hours.