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How to Control Chronic Kidney Disease at Home

Are you wondering How to Cure Kidney Disease at Home. Just sharing how I managed to get my kidney function back to 100%, and stop medication. It took months to years to see better progress. I also have appointments to check urine test, renal functions, liver function etc.

Recently I wrote a post on Natural Kidney Journey Diet to Reverse Kidney Damage. This is the continuation of that post.

How to Control Chronic Kidney Disease at Home

I was talking herbs all these while till today, not often but mostly. Herbs that can clean the urine. Stop all protein food like chicken, beef, lamb. Stop spicy food like chilli, sour food, carbonated drinks, stop caffeine like coffee and tea, stop eggs. Later, I get low sugar and low salt, and low blood pressure but its a struggle to recover, just prepare salty biscuits, and candy when that happens. I take fish oil with omega 3 (small fish) it is said can restore kidney walls that are damaged, been taking it for years till today. Take it everyday.

Drink plenty of water, and every time you feel like urinating, just go.. Eat less junk food. Less salty food. Avoid pork, shrimp/prawn, processed food like sausages/hot dogs, cheese, soy, canned food. Just eat healthy and the kidney is less stressful and can function better, and that made us able to get rid of drugs we ever took before, and also dialysis. For those dislike vegetables, you can replace with vegetarian noodles (carrot noodles, spinach noodles, and so on). Or ordinary noodle like chicken flavor, but avoid the spices and choose the one with less protein. Or cook fried rice, or porridge with onions only.

I have avoided fish sometimes, but do take small amount of fish once in a while, not often, because our body needs protein too. I know this doesn't help everyone.. but hopefully these help others who still can.

How to Control Chronic Kidney Disease at Home

You may feel like you are alone in this fight. No, you are not. Many of us are fighting this battle.

How to Cure Protenuria at Night

Question: Iga is a disease that makes people disappointed in life. people like you are giving hopes to many including me. I hope i can also be better like you. live without worrying so much about my condition. I controlled creatinine with strict veg diet and protenuria also zero from morning till night. But when I wake up, I am having huge amount of protenuria. I am thinking whether to try to take fish oil or enalapril to control that.

Answer:  if I can avoid medicines and dialysis and maintaining kidney function 100%.. I am sure others also can. It is not immediately. It took me years. But remember this disease cannot be cure. We can only prevent it from becoming bad. And this disease is auto immune means this disease is with us for rest of our life. So the diet must always control for rest of our life. Yes.. Its common for most Iga patients having proteinuria in urine at morning. Because the body is sleeping and protein and its how many hours they didn't go to pee. Drink plenty of water, if middle of the night you feel urge to pee.. just go.

List of Food Items to Eat and to Avoid

Question: Is there a list of all the food items you take?

Answer: Cabbage, Cucumber, Carrot, Cauliflower, Corn, mushrooms, Lady's Finger, Brinjal, Pumpkin, Potatoes, Most vegetables are fine/ but have to watch as some vegetables have high urea.

Little portion of fish or meat (once in a while, three times in a month) this is optional

Watermelon  apple, honeydew, guava

Rice (white rice is fine avoid red or brown rice)
White bread (avoid wholegrain bread) if possible gluten free bread
Vegetarian noodles, chicken flavor noodles without spice and any types of noodles dry/fried/soup without chilli, dark sauce less salt and oil
(No eggs, no sea food, no meat, no curry paste, or shrimp paste)
Cook food with olive oil
Turmeric, Cinnamon, garlc, black/white pepper, Chinese herbs

Cake homemade - without eggs unsalted butter or margarine.

Drink: Water, Milo is fine so far, avoid caffeine like coffee or tea, avoid sour drinks if you feel unwell after drinking. Avoid any carbonated drinks. Fruit juice like water melon, pomegranate, strawberry, blue berry, peach, carrot, cucumber juice is okay so far.

Question: I like to eat chicken. so what should i do?

Answer: Once you are used to healthy lifestyle, you will start to hate the smell of chicken. Sometimes when going out to eat with friends or family members is hard. Especially when they are bringing us to KFC or McDonald's. I will only eat waffle, French fries, wedges or smash potatoes at KFC or McDonald's. Only sometimes I eat the burgers.. But always feel unwell after that. So I just try to avoid.

Question: In case if you travel to somewhere, how do you manage food?

Answer: We have to search for stalls selling vegetables.. if no choice, I will just order fried noodle without meat or seafood, less salt, less oil, no eggs, add vegetables. When I got travelling. I will always go to Indian stalls because they always have vegetables. And their fried rice is always with vegetables only

Question: Can we eat rice every day or should I concentrate on eating vegetables only. And how about milk products? I don't have diabetes. I ate gluten free steal cut oats, brown basmati rice and raw rice for food.

Answer: Eating rice is okay if you don't have diabetes. I think drinking fresh milk is fine. Brown rice is not good for kidney. Do you have white rice there? That's better. Oats is fine but limit it.

Question: Can we take Chocolate?

Answer: I take chocolate sweet, chocolate biscuits, and chocolate ice cream seems no harm so far. But I seldom take, because I am afraid of diabetes.

Each patient is different and the only person who can advise you on diagnosis, medicine or treatments is your nephrologist. Credit : Patricia John