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Is there a Cure for Chronic Kidney Disease

Nephrotic syndrome means that there are couple of symptoms that can reduce the efficiency of the Kidney. There are many website out there that explains the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome. I used to Google every answer for my doubts and it created a huge problem for me. Googling will give you answers from unauthentic sources and lead you to take very bad decisions in life. That make it worse and lead you to more disasters.

About Nephrotic Syndrome

This case study is written after consulting with 2 Nephrologists- Lourdes Hospital, Aster Medicity, 1 Urologists - Rajagiri Hospital, 1 Homeopathic and an Ayurveda doctor. Nephrotic Syndrome or the Minimal Change Disease or IgA Nephropathy or Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis [FSGS] are often seen in Children. It can be present in Adults without any particular cause.

Cure for Nephrotic Syndrome: Case Study

If you have any such disease or symptoms, the first thing is to do tests and get a diagnosis. Then start reading about the disease and get as much awareness as possible.


Proteinuria or albuminuria - Excessive protein in the urine. The effective range of Albumin is less than 150 mg/24 Hour Urine. [Bubbly and Foamy Urine - The urine will look white bubbly and Formy. This is because of the leakage of Albumin.]

Hematuria - Presence of blood in Urine. This is microscopic. A test is needed to identify this.

Edema - Puffy Face and swelling usually in the legs, feet, or ankles are quite common in this disease.

Decreased urine output, although occasionally urine output remains normal.

Tests You Should Do

1. Urine albumin-to-creatinine ratio [UACR]
2. 24 hour Urine test 
3. Blood Test for ESR [Allergy], IgA [ Immuno globulin A]
4. Urine Culture
5. Ultra Sound Scab - Abdomen and Pelvis
6. CT scan of Kidney

You must do all these tests even if your doctor does not ask to do them. This is to ensure nothing else is causing this like Kidney Stone  Although kidney stone is not proved to have any relation with albuminaria. I had all of these and find out the ESR is 96 and had high Albumin.


The current medicines in English medicines are Diuretic, ACEI, ARBs, steroids and tablets to reduce blood pressure and the new invention is the infusions of Rituxan/Rituximab. You should know that there is no cure for nephrotic syndrome in English Medicine. They will try to manage the symptoms and will not go to the cause of the problem.

Is Ayurveda a cure for Nephrotic Syndrome

I had high Albuminaria - 3807 mg/24 hour urine. That's quite a lot. I was Tired and Sleepy all the time. I Had severe cough and throat infection for quite long. The nephrologist prescribed for losartan to reduce the pressure and another nephrologist informed me that I may have to undergo renal biospsy.

I went to a famous Ayurvedic doctor and showed him all test results. He suggested 3 medicines - Kanmada Bhasmam, ArthaVilwadi and Drakhshadi. I have been taking them since 7 months now with periodical check up and urine tests. Though initially the proteinuria was reduced, after 9 months, I had severe cough and proteinuria. Later I was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphona Stage 2. If I have used English medicine, this would have been find out earlier and treated much easily. SO PLS DONT go to Ayurvedic doctor. They can only treat small illnesses and not disease. Modern diseases are very hard to treat with.

Support Groups

Facebook Support Groups such as Nephrotic Syndrome, Nephrotic Syndrome Parent Support, can help you to discuss the issues and get advice and awareness. NephCure Kidney International runs a Facebook page to give awareness to people on this.

I was inspired to write this post after seeing the Matthew and Nephrotic Syndrome page. Matthew was diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome in 2012 and he had a hard journey. He writes all the tests, problems he had to undergo. He had Rituximab and have been In Remission for around 8 months. Nephrotic syndrome/Minimal Change Disease is another page where a mom writes about her child who has this syndrome.

Check out or email directly at khelm[at] and he will send you some resources. Depending on the biopsy results there may be an alternative to prednisone. If you have FSGS be sure to look into this is an alternative first line treatment to steroids. It has been showing promise! You can find more info about treatment sites close to you at I know I just threw a lot your way, so please feel free to reach out.

Here are some cases where IgA nephropathy was treated.

Case 1: 30mg of prednisone + 75 mg of Losartan +4 pills of omega 3, calcium and B12 supplements, exercise 30 minutes cardio + 15 mins strength training 6 x a week. The intake of protein is about 40g a day.

Case 2: 80mg of prednisone, exercise, low salt diet, twice a day blood pressure check, daily Fish Oil, yearly nephrologist visits and urine analysis.

Case 3: Patients was having egfr 45 when diagnosed and now nearly 3 years on egfr 65/70. He did manage to lose 3 stone while on prednisone treatment over the 7 months and was extremely careful on having a balanced diet.

Case 4: Acute kidney failure and Gfr was 33% satge 2b. Had 3 infusions of steroids and then 40mg of prednisone daily. After 2-3 months he is now 65-67% and back to stage 3. He is tapering at the moment and  at 15 mgs soon to be 12.5 mg.

Case 5: Protein levels are continually improving. She put down the following: She have cut out salt, red meat and gluten & drink plenty water each day. She take fish oils, turmeric,

Case 6: In remission for ~5 years (diagnosed with aggressive crescential IgAN 7 years ago). On prednisone, cellcept and mostly vegan diet (and lowered refined sugar and salt intake).

Case 7: Patient tried to increase gfr with small and large diet changes. Low salt is a huge one and not too difficult to follow. Then went vegan and gluten free on here too. Then progressed by limiting animal based proteins. Definitely avoided processed foods. Then tried to increase GFR by fasting because it gives the kidneys a break. All this started with small and eliminate salt and processed foods and incorporated more fruits and veggies. Skipped a meal a day. Slowly the GFR improved and the doctor also has suggested to take fish oil to reduce blood pressure.

Prednisone is used to treat IgA nephropathy and it has found that Corticosteroid therapy resulted in excellent remission of nephrotic syndrome in 80% of patients with mild glomerular histopathological changes. Eicosapentanoic acid (EPA) 10 g per day was also used to treat IgA where only two patients who had improvement in renal function out of 17. ACE inhibitors such as fosinopril can significantly reduce proteinuria .


1. Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients, is a periodical focusing on alternative medicine which has been in circulation since 1983.
3. Recent advances in understanding and treating nephrotic syndrome

Do share for others who may have been experiencing the symptoms or have the disease.