How to Get Spiritual Experiences During Meditation

Can we Get Spiritual Experiences During Meditation by effortless observation. Effortless observation isn't a tough thing to do. It might feel uncomfortable at first. We never learned to observe anything without an observer. J Krishnamurti is the one who developed this method. You can also use other meditation methods to start with.

Get Spiritual Experiences During Meditation

I would say effortless observation would be the best method for beginners to Get Spiritual Experiences During Meditation. I have tried it and you get instant result. So what is effortless observation. It is basically observing each and very thought passed in your mind. So who is observing. You are observing. After a point of time, you feel the that you and thought are different. Which means you become a mere observer and the mind and thoughts are different from you. They are not yours. It is like watching a cinema. You watch the cinema, experience of what is going on but never part of it.

How to Get Spiritual Experiences During Meditation

You can feel the stream of thoughts one after another, maybe few of them together. You can feel a certain no control of it. This control is what we need to deal with. Letting go of control, being a mere observer is all it takes to start the step towards meditation. Some say do passive awareness. Passive awareness leads to slumber. You will end up bored or sleepy. Some say used focused attention.

You may feel that method stagnant because you don't know what you are attending to. You can only attend to something like an object. Attention has many levels. The chances of getting distracted from meditation is high in focused meditation because you might be attending the thoughts and it takes over your awareness. In order to Get Spiritual Experiences During Meditation, you need to stop depending up on the mind.

Many say use active attention. Like just be attentive to very thought without putting any focus. This basically lead to internal stories. Mind will bring up some nice cooked up stories and let you to focus on them. Some say to ask God where is the light or where is the heaven or where is the sound. It works but when will I get the experience of such things would be much better.

Zen Buddhists has another method of giving an endless thought to the brain and meditate on it. Questions would be like where is the sound in silence or find the silence in a Lion's roar and where is darkness in light. This will essentially cut down or reduce all other thoughts and eventually settle the mind. Paul Brunton in his book mentioned about trying to find the source of consciousness. It is a very effective method to pursue.

Here are some key things to do in meditation. These can bring immediate joy and will help you Get Spiritual Experiences During Meditation.

Steps to Get Spiritual Experiences During Meditation

Step 1: First sit in a straight posture, take a few deep breaths.
Step 2: Imagine that you are giving all your problems, worries, emotions thoughts to the God which you believe in. If you don't believe in God, imagine giving to the universal energy. This will instantly give you goosebumps.
Step 3: Ask God or Universal energy when can you merge with it wholeheartedly. This will bring immediate joy inside you.
Step 4: Ask the Prophets, the saints or universal energy to help you to merge with it. This also brings immediate joy and goosebumps.

These will bring instant joy and can help you in the process of doing meditation.