Can Meditation Give Solutions to Everyday Life Problems

Some ask Can Meditation Give Solutions to Everyday Life Problems and how to do meditation when life is messed up by many things. In order to understand that we might need to think little more on how mind works. Mind always keep dragging you back to the thoughts. We can call this Perpetual Flex.

These thoughts are triggered by external stimulus's or any internal triggers. Internal triggers are called Sanskara or the left over parts of the past. Physical, mental and subtle habits and pieces left in our mind by doing karma in the past. Thoughts can work in cycles. Thoughts create emotions and emotions lead to more thoughts. This vicious cycles is a major issue to deal with. It takes will to break this cycle.

Can Meditation Solve Everyday Life Problems

Mind also need energy to work just like every other cell of the body. Mind is just a connection of billions of neurons working together. If there is no glucose or energy in the body, mind gets affected. That's exactly why drugs are used to alter the states of the mind. Mind can be applied to anything and everything. It can be used to concentrate all the energy in the body to one single point. That's why the method of focusing on the point between the eyebrows or Christ Consciousness was developed to channel all energy in the body to that single point.

Can Meditation Give Solutions to Everyday Life Problems

Habits are automatic processes that leads to a certain event. When habit takes over, mind loss the presence and awareness gets lost. Habits can also be called as automated stream of thoughts and actions. If we draw a graph with the activity of the mind it would be a zig zag line with irregular peaks and vallies. These irregular thoughts must be kept to a rhythmic way by peace and presence of mind.

Can meditation give solutions to our problems in life?

I have travelled to many states in India, born in Kerala, travelled to Chennai (TamilNadu), Banglore (Karnataka), Kuppam (Andra Pradesh), Patna (Bihar), Manjim (Goa), Ahmedabad (Gujarat), Budgao (Kashmir), Udampur (Jammu), Betul (Madya Pradesh), Mumbai (Maharashtra), Udaipur (Rajastan), Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh), Pithorakhand  (Uttarakhand), Delhi and many more places in all these states. I am sure you also have travelled to many places and countries. We see many people, problems, happiness, sadness and all kinds and ways of life. Everyone has problems and they deal with it somehow. There is no single way to deal with every problem. For beginners, I would say make a table like the one below.''

Health Money Experience Skill Personal Growth

Change Career
Getting Married
A relationship

Whenever you want to take a decision in life, add a specific scoring under each of this. Then add all that and see if it is a good decision to do or not.

1 - For increasing

2 - For decreasing

0 - Neutral - like if you are not sure about it.

Hope this will help you to start somewhere. Can Meditation Give Solutions to Everyday Life Problems. No. Meditation is not a magical solution to all problems. But it can give you more clarity to the problem.