Why is it important to stay at home in Corona Days

I hope you are all well and doing a fantastic job to fight coronavirus in your surrounding and capacities. I hope all of you are wading through them well and pulling each other out. This is one of the gravest situations we are facing in our lifetimes and let's come together to understand it first.

Why is it important to stay at home?

As we are realising the imminent threat of COVID- 19, I am hereby sharing a Covid-19 DataVisualization dashboard developed by a group of students, postdocs, faculty, and researchers from the Nutrition Group at IITB, CTARA, Climate Studies, and GISE Lab, Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Bombay. 

A district-level GIS map is its main feature. It is updated real-time as per MHFW data. As per the map the amount of Coivd19 cases are increasing rapidly.

We understand that Coronavirus (Covid-19) is a cause of concern for many and it's important that we
keep ourselves safe. To prevent the spread of infection, it is best to take precautions and not go to large gatherings or meetings. As per government’s advisory, we should all do Social Distancing (stay at home and minimize social interactions).

Why is it important to stay at home in Corona Days

Do’s and Dont’s

1. Take care of senior citizens/low immunity /aged family members. They are most at risk.

● Protect them by minimizing their social interaction.
● Keep their room clean.
● Ensure they maintain good personal hygiene.
● Focus on their diet - avoid raw food and anything from outside and keep them well

2. Focus on maintaining good hygiene and personal habits

● Do not sneeze or cough on your hands.
● Throw tissue paper in the dustbin immediately after use/ Keep handkerchief clean.
● Wash your hands regularly with soap (Especially after using the washroom, cooking,
coming back home from outside).
● If you go outside your house, put your clothes for a wash as soon as you come back.
● Maintain physical distance from people, avoid hugging or shaking hands.

3. Reduce the use of public transport

● Wash your hands thoroughly with soap in case you to travel by public transport.
● Wear a mask if you have a cold/cough.

4. Buy enough utility items

● Critical Medicines for BP, Diabetes etc.
● Home supplies (Soaps, hand wash, cleaning liquids etc.)
● Food (Pulses, rice, frozen foods, dry-fruits).

5. Finance

● Have enough cash at home.
● Pay Credit Card bill in advance to have enough limit for the future.

6. Keep calm and stay strong

● We shall no doubt make it through this stronger than we entered.

You are not required to get for COVID-19 if you tested do not have any symptoms (Cough, fever or
difficulty in breathing). The Indian Government are issuing a number of order because they are anticipating few months long closed down period.

1. Home Ministry's first orders on restrictions and exemptions during the lock down, and the addendum later on - these, along with the SOP for supply of essential goods are important for farming operations to continue, for passes to be obtained for sales, for mandis to open, for procurement agencies to work etc.

2. RBI governor's statement for the rescheduling (3-month moratorium)/deferment of interest payment etc., for short and long term loans for agriculture.

3. Ministry of Rural Development's letter to state governments on Direct Income Transfers, additional pensions etc.

4. Feeding Centres to be run for beggars.

5. Protection and support for stranded migrant workers, students etc. wherever they are stuck.

6. Instructions in a video conference on protection of healthcare workers and related service providers against evictions.

7. Economic Package for the poor: Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana announcement (PIB)

8. Advisory related to bee-keeping and sericulture.

As we are living in this hour of so much of tension in all walks of life and many amazing people and organizations have suited up to fight this invisible threat, I must remind you, we are at war, this is World War III you, believe it or not, it is much bigger and wider than the governments have disclosed and the news are showing.

Human species is at danger the world is cribbing to make the ends meet. looking at the situation in Delhi, Mumbai and almost all the cities were daily wage workers have started walking home, yes many have decided to walk thousands of people and the governments are talking this out, they must put out all the resources to make them get home safely because it's in crores in India but due to lack of check we can`t detect it.

China, Italy and not America have literally surrendered to the Epidemic. In India, all the policemen, All the Medical staff, Shopkeepers, vegetable sellers and as a whole whoever is involved in the situation to facilitate through the problem are doing an amazing job and surely deserve respect, so far the people are the Enemy of societies who just doesn't listen for their own sake, for the sake of their families especially the educated group of the society. What this means it is up to us to stay indoors and fight against this pandemic.

How I am seeing this is a call from the divine and the nature to set our priorities right and in the direction of humane interventions, today throughout the globe the things that are not of much importance are shut and I realized that we were doing it just like that without much of our lives impacting as it happens when nature makes the call they leave whats important and needed and not whats wanted keeping away the materialistic ideation of life.

I also see this as a great opportunity for us to start developing resilience and an Idea of developing livelihood around what we need, I am observing that if living in our own spaces and developed livelihood around us this situation could have been controlled and reversed back to zero, there is still time to contemplate on the subject and see through the sustainable aspects related to our traditional wisdom, such as the most essential to conserve water, farming (at least for the needs of family), Medical and education also for the governments needs to understand to put the major part of the funds into the above services and not the other way around. this solves the most serious problems in the country of overcrowded centres,

which is going much above the carrying capacities of a place, talking about major metros such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata and many more the places are overburdened and thus the rates and mitigation plans fail on the other hands the problem of pollution, and solid waste can be controlled this way, and a plan to reverse migration can be made actionable in these times and to realize what's more important, Many of my friends, stuck in Italy, China, America, Sweden, Korea, Iran, Qatar etc are crying over phones and realizing this that they should have listened to the heart and not the people. if this comes back the economic crunch can be solved and so does the problems associated with societies.

These are purely my opinions and I am trying to work along with several governments to help solve the problem. Many of you might not find it essential but I request all the development professionals to give it a thought and start educating societies around us.