Common Challenges of Meditation - Free from Mind

How to Escape from the Bondage of the mind or solve the Common Challenges of Meditation. You might have read many books, has listened amazing stories of saints and sages. However you are unable to free your mind from the bondage of thoughts and emotions. Why is that. One of the main reason for it is the foundation where mind has been developed. The foundation has been tested a billion times or more in the lab of evolution. So it is tested and proved to be effective in the survival of the species. You also know that mind does not work in isolation. It works with every cell of your body, every neuron and every bits. So even to move a single cell voluntarily you need to apply your mind.

Common Challenges of Meditation

Here is the breakthrough in understanding how mind is applied. Mind is used to do karma. If there is no karma, there is no need to use mind. So basically maybe we are thinking differently till now. It wont be possible to get out of the bondage of mind or Common Challenges of Meditation or systematically remove it from the brain. Brain is just a hardware and mind is the software which runs on it. So the software runs in the background and provides output which is Karma. If there is no need for output, then what is the point of a software and a hardware.

Common Challenges of Meditation - Free from Mind

It is easier to think like that. Head as a computer. If there is nothing to do. then we feel bored. What is boring means. It means software or the mind has insufficient inputs to work with. Hence the system lags. So either mind pushes to gain more stimuli from environment or simply shut down - sleep. What if we are not sleeping, nor bored. What happens then, What happens if we be still and do nothing but not bored or sleepy. Mind get confused. It has never considered such a situation. So it bring out thoughts about past, future which cannot be solved at this instant.

If you observe your mind closely, you can see the thoughts which the mind bring up in meditation are thoughts related to the past where you could have done something but you didn't or the future where you should do certain things. These Common Challenges of Meditation is not easy to solve with. Our mind works by finding problems, solving them and the learning from it. These learning are deeply practiced many hundred times and becomes a part of the mind or neural connections of that activity becomes stronger or these activities become automatic. You wake up bed, brush teeth, drink water, take bath, eat food, work, watch tv, play games, talk to people and so many activities. Almost 90% of these activities are done automatically by the brain without much voluntary effort. This is because brain has learned it, tried it so many times over and over again, year after year and they became automatic or involuntary.

Every day if you want to learn an instrument, practice it regularly. Why is that. Because the neural networks which operates the instrument will get strengthened and more mind is applied there. We cannot sit still and imagine we are playing it to strengthen the neural networks. But it does not involve motor networks. So this is where the strangeness of mind or Common Challenges of Meditation needs to be unfolded. Mind can be applied to everything but specific activities require specific efforts. In meditation also it is same. By sitting still, mind goes in a riddle state. It bring up past stories and history and to dos and emotions and what not. How to deal with those. By effortless observation.