Drone Dating in New York On Quarantine Days

Ever Heard a story of Drone Dating in New York On Quarantine Days. What is drone dating? How can drones help us in dating and enjoying relationships. Drones were part of our lives by helping us shoot amazing picturesque sceneries, mountains and vallies. Later drones were used for navigation purpose, delivering items and parcels more effectively.

Amazon and other delivery companies were using drones more frequently in recent days. But how can we use drones to help us in dating. Well, now it can. The new video from Naz Daily shows how new ways of using drones are adopted by a person in New York, United States. It is pretty wild and amusing to see the drones could do deliver more than what we thought of them.

Drone Dating in New York On Quarantine Days

Drone Dating in New York On Quarantine Days

Please watch the video from Naz Daily here. Jim Cohen is the hero of the story. Naz called him the most responsible guy you will ever meet. This is his story in the middle of Covid pandemic on how found romance during quarantine. He wanted to date some girl and with New York all shut, he didn't have a way to find a girl. When he was looking out of his window, he saw a girl dancing. Immediately he was attracted but there was no way to the phone number of the girl to start chatting. He was stuck in his apartment. So he took his drone, put his number on it and flew it to her. She grabbed the drone which landed in her roof top, took his number and texted him back. Tori Cignarella is the heroin of this story. After many texts, they liked each other. She added a picture in her facebook with a caption of "just a rooftop girl". How wonderful story is that.

Quarantine days and like days of war. We can't go out and find a suitable person to have a date. Quarantine for single guys and girls is a date disaster. No friends, no going out, no parties and no social gatherings. Well, now you can use dating apps to find people around and use drones to arrange dating. Drones would be able to deliver things like flowers and small gifts. Just ensure they are properly sanitized before giving out. Well, we don't want your date to think that you are careless in that.

Bubble dating in New York On Quarantine Days

The next step they did is to bubble dating to keep social distancing. The love in New York so the police were strict about social distancing in streets. So Jim used a bubble to enclose himself and walked till her house. They were noticed by the New York police but approved them of the walking on the streets due the social distancing. The Police even took a photo with them and it viral.

 Everyone liked the story at the time of depressive quarantine. But some comments were made like the bubble could absorb the gems and particles on the ground and he should have sanitized the drone before sending out. We could brush aside these comments now. Because the great news is that Jim and Tori is getting married.

Drone dating and drone communication would be a cool idea to impress the girl by sending out dating invitations and small gifts. Innovative dating ideas like remote dining, bubble dates are more needed in the quarantine corona days. Hope you like the post on drone dating. I hoped you like this story of Drone Dating in New York On Quarantine Days. Then please share to others.