Fix Valuable inventory: Under construction AdSense Error

I took a new challenge to create a website and get ad sense approval which led me to this Valuable inventory: Under construction error. I haven't done any such challenge since almost 3 years because I focusing on more life problems. Many ask me how to fix errors like valuable inventory templates page, valuable inventory scraped content and valuable inventory no content. Here I will try to address the essential tips to fix Valuable inventory: Under construction error in adesense application.

Valuable inventory: Under construction -  Adsense Application Rejected

I am sure many of you are struggling to find solutions for this Valuable inventory: Under construction message. I would try to list the essential and needed steps to overcome this rejection. These will be steps done by many webmasters and got their website got approved. Hence it will be useful for you as I have no clue on what state your website are. It is up to you to understand what is needed to be done by comparing these steps to your website's structure and content.

Fix Valuable inventory: Under construction - AdSense Tips

Step 1: Fix Valuable Inventory Problem

The website needs original and valuable inventory to start with. It has to have at least 40 posts with 500 words each. Some site get approved without that. Another website of mine got approved after 100 posts and another with mere 10 posts. So either you can write 10 posts with 2500 words or more or write 40 posts with 500 words each. It is up to you.

These posts should have at least 1 photo inside the post content with alt tag. These posts should have a sub heading and a minor heading. Add meta description because it is necessary for bots to understand your content. Ensure your articles in the website are in supported language. Otherwise it will be rejected easily.

Make sure you have published your posts in a specific interval like every 5 days. You can change the date in blog spot as well as in word press to manage this problem. Make sure posts with many links should have enough texts. Otherwise it will throw an error. So minify links as much as possible. You can use 1 link per 100 words. Keep this ratio.

Keep images to a maximum 3 per post. You can also use the ration 1 photo for 300 words. This will make sure the image and content are at a best ratio. You can also try adding an image under a sub heading. Do not use image under a minor headings.

Things  I did;

1. I wrote 20 posts with more than 500 words each.
2. I made sure the images are less than 3 in every post.
3. I added posts and changed the dates so it will appear as it has been published in intervals.
4. I added only internal links but kept it minimum of 5.

Step 2: Fix Under Construction Problem

I am hopeful that you have a great theme by now. If not get one. You can also use blogspot classic theme or get word press themes from Theme forest. Theme Forest themes are just fine and it does not cost that much. Genesis is a very well acclaimed theme. You can buy that. 

Some errors like valuable inventory nonsensical content, valuable inventory no content fix, valuable inventory under construction how to fix and adsense valuable inventory can be fixed by using the below methods.

Then make sure you have all About, Author, Contact, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Terms of Service pages and you have added them to a navigation menu on top of your page or bottom of your page. All your pages must be added.

Secondly add all social media icons and links. The link must be working otherwise it will throw a 404 error. Make sure all links are properly working. You can use broken link checker to verify these errors.

Things  I did;

1. I added all pages as mentioned in the above paragraph.
2. I added some 300 words content to everything.
3. I added social media links and made sure they are working.

Step 3: Navigation Menu to be Checked to remove Under construction AdSense Error

Then you will have a another navigation menu to navigate to categories and labels. So make sure that you have done a good navigation to all posts and all categories. This is essential. A visitor could have able to access all your posts and categories in less than 3 clicks. Make sure that. There might be links that has "#" tag on it. We have to replace these # tags with proper working links.  

These links can be identified by going to the source page using right clink on the website and selecting view page source in Chrome browser. The do a ctrl F to search for these # links. By removing these links you can reduce the Valuable inventory: Under construction problem easily.

Things  I did;

1. I checked the navigation menu and corrected all links.

Step 4: Post Elements to be Fixed AdSense Under construction AdSense Error

Make sure the author page is written, the tags or the breadcrumbs are working. If you have disable comments, make sure comment section is not appearing in the posts page and all the icons and links related to the comment page is removed. The author page should lead to a page written about the author and not to some random page. Make sure this. Date and Time of the published post should appear properly. The search button is also crucial and can throw errors for under construction. So make sure the search box is working.

Other problems such as valuable inventory template page, valuable inventory scraped content
google valuable, nonsensical content and valuable inventory: no content adsense error can be fixed by the above step.

Things  I did;

1. I disabled comment section and ensured date and time is appearing.

Step 5: Clean Unnecessary Links to solve Under construction AdSense Error

Try to clean the theme by avoiding unnecessary duplicate links. There might be social media links or other link appearing three or more times. Find them and remove them. These duplicate links means the site is needed more checking. Try to put posts in the sidebar or bottom and arrange them in a way that each post appear only once in the website home page or post page. This will remove the conflicting links of the post page.

Once unnecessary links are cleared, now it is time to put link titles. They are not that important but it will give a sense to the bots that your links are very well structured.  One of the error is under construction which can be resolved using this. You can add title using this method: <link title=""> or <a href="" title=""> text </a>. This will also increase your content if you add fey keywords in which your website need to be ranked.

You can use Drlinkcheck to check your website. They provide clear and very good details on each link in your website especially Link Types such as <a href >, Social meta tags, CSS url() and <img src >. They also give specific details on Other links like <script src >, Start URL and <link rel=stylesheet >. You can also use this website to check Redirects - Temporary redirect and Permanent redirect. Then Link Directions - Outbound and Internal also Dofollow/Nofollow links. Your internal links must be higher than the external links. Make sure of that.

Things  I did;

1. I used the drlinkchecker and broken link checker to identify all link errors and delete them. I made sure I have no 404 errors.

Step 6: Social Share Buttons Limit to Two

Social share buttons are necessary but avoid too much sharing buttons. You can add maximum two type of sharing buttons in the top of the page, or bottom. You can also do one on sidebar and one on below post title. It is up to you but reduce it two. Because these share buttons will fire so many scripts and will reduce loading speed of the website.

Things  I did;

1. I had 3 sets of social share icons and i reduced them to 2.

Step 7: Google Search Console to Find Indexed Links to know valuable inventory added

Go to Google Web master tools and add your website if you have not done that yet. Many of the problems with your site will be listed in Google search console. These errors needs to be fixed to fix Fix Valuable inventory: Under construction issue.

Things  I did;

1. I added the website to webmaster tools and verified the property.
2. Then i added the sitemap and waited till all of my links are properly indexed.
3. I did not put auto ads as there are many publishers who were unable to get approved due to auto ads. So make sure you have put normal display code on your post or page.
4. I added 8 more posts with more than 700 words.
5. Applied again for adsense approval and GOT IT!!!

Valuable inventory: Under construction AdSense Error

I got the approval irrespective of blogspot adsense status. Here you can see the blogspot is still showing the your blog does not qualify for adsense.

your blog does not qualify for adsense

Identify the soft 404 errors, crawl issues, amp issues and check page speed insights to lower the load speed of the website. These are general ideas that needs to be implemented irrespective of the Valuable inventory: Under construction - AdSense error. Hope you will get an idea from this post on how to fix the error.