Health Anxiety: Dealing with Worries

We all have various anxieties. Some of are afraid when are we going to die, can certain illness kill you, when would be that eventual death. Where do these thoughts stem from. Do these thoughts actually helpful in survival. Looking in a general perspective, it does make sense to have certain anxieties to worry about the health of a person. Here is a different view on Health Anxiety: Dealing with Worries.

Health Anxiety: Dealing with Worries

However it is to be noted extreme anxiety is a problem. Anxiety and over concern about health or the know it all fallacy about health will drive you to make illogical decisions and you will end up suffering. One of my friend lets call him John. John had a history of smoking for 4 years and he developed sore throat. Instead of stopping smoking, he started taking medicines for sore throat. Smoking continued. After 1 year, smoking was reduced slowly but the symptoms persisted. He traveled to another country and had to eat things that was not compatible with his stomach. He developed diarrhea and continued stomach distress for 1 month and sore throat increased to severe cough.

He took many medicines but cough was not subsiding. Finally an ENT doctor gave 7 medicines to curb the cough. He got better but had protenuria in urine. He took many NSAID drugs and developed serotonin syndrome which later stopped by drinking water. He consulted nephrologist for protenuria and he was asked to undergo biopsy. He was afraid of it and went with a natural holistic practitioner for medicines. After 9 months of taking medicines, his cough came back again leading to lack of breath. He was admitted and diagnosed with Lymphoma and underwent surgery, 8 ABVD chemo and 15 radiation. He went in remission but protenuria continued. He was referred to nephrologist and underwent renal biopsy.

Health Anxiety: Dealing with Worries

Renal biopsy showed loss of 40% of kidney cortex. In 2 years of time, 40% of the kidney was damaged. This idiopathic syndrome was diagnosed as IGA Nephropathy. The nephrologist told him that he may have 4-5 years till kidney failure or ESRD. What option such a person has. His anxiety about life took him to such routes. How will one understand his problems and anxieties. Can anyone relate to what he went through. How long does he have till he end up in a dialysis chair or be dead.

How To Cope with Health Anxiety

What kind of aspirations he must have. Is it about making more money, getting more power positions, helping others, living his life by drinking and doing drugs, trying to minimize life and silently wither off. There are many thoughts that make him feel anxious. It makes him angry, sad, disgusted with his own illogical decisions, ignorance. When someone loss health, its like losing everything in the world. The person if diagnosed with a progressive terminal illness will end up living with anxiety and fear. Chronic anxiety can stem from such thoughts. How to curb these thoughts.

Health Anxiety: Depending on Others

Can he talk to his family members. They cannot understand the situation. They support whatever you decide. At the end of the day you are going to suffer. If you take a wrong step again, they are going to blame you, you might end up in a ER ward and maybe it could go worse. But can you live in such fear.

How To Cope with Health Anxiety
I don't think one can. John went all such experiences, might be because of his bad decisions, might be because he does not have anyone else to depend on, his situations did not help him to see the right people. Is it his responsibility only to take care of him. It is. He messed up. Is that it. Then let him get messed up more.

Anyways he is going to suffer and the family members are going to blame him, mock him. No one knows what this person has undergone, how much he have suffered. It could happen to anyone at anytime. It is merely a process of time. I know a mother at her 40s diagnosed with terminal cancer. She has 3 beautiful children and one of her child is only 1 year old. What would be her mindset. How will she live each moment.

Health Anxiety: Dealing with Worries

Sometimes thinking over and over again about the same problems leads to bad decisions. Look at the best options for yourself and act on it. Imagine if you are in a crisis to take bp medications or not. If you don't take them, you might end up having high blood pressure leading to ESRD fast. If you take them, you will have longer time to end up in ESRD. So consider your present situation and compare this. Sometimes it is hard to make decisions. Many people say many different options and you will end struggling to find a correct answer for problems. Life sadly comes with experiments. One of my neurologist told me that what they do is a trial and error method. Sometimes you will end up in a worse situation that before and you might have to give undergo suffering. Maybe your situation will become better and you might be able to live properly.

Self Help for Health Anxiety
Storm is always around the corner. But think about when the storm clears.

We cannot see future. What is going to happen and what is going to help you to recover. What we can do is to read more about the situation, ask experts options, and make a decision. The ideas should always be to do trials. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. But sticking to a solution that works matters. Bad decisions always happen. You cannot prevent that. No one can prevent bad decisions in their life. It happens to everyone. What is best to overcome that somehow. Howl long can we live in fear. How long can one think of all the possibilities that might have saved him from the ill health he now has. 

Oh, there are are thousand of could have possibilities. But none of them worked. You are not at fault there. You could have, but you didn't. Now what you are going to do. Are you going to allow the same bad decisions to continue or take a pause from the temporary short term desires of mind. Mind wants immediate satisfaction. It thrives on that. How do you alter the minds structure by focusing on health than on mind. It is time to choose over body than mind. Mind made you weak. It made you take bad decisions even though it knew exactly how to overcome all those. Mind is a stupid fox. It cannot function more than what you see with your eyes, hear with you ears, and taste with your mouth. It is confined to the information you provide to it. It seeks information, cry like a baby, shout like a stranger and you can make it shut up using your will.