System of Mind, Free Will and Evolutionary Experiments

Why we keep working or in Indian mythology - do Karma. If the purpose of life is to live, then why we are passionate about something and has aversion about others. Why don't we feel interested in doing some things and don't like to do other stuff. As Swami Vivekananda said, we all have to do Karma to live. Breathing is karma, chewing, digesting food is karma. Karma is every action that help us to live even a single moment more.

System of Mind, Free Will and Evolutionary Experiments

Our mind has been evolved from millions of years of evolutionary experiments. These experiments will continue even we die. That is why people call the human species, a blip in the ocean of time. I would say its much lesser than a blip. Have you ever wondered, looking at the sky the vastness of sky. cosmos, galaxies and billions of stars.

I am sure everyone did that. Then we forget all that. We go and try to satisfy the mind, the ego. I would say ego on the go. How does mind take over. What process is that help the mind to take over us. The shift from consciousness to controlled lab rat is done so swiftly by the mind. The thoughts are generated and processed at a faster speed which takes over the free will of humans.

Sam Harris used to say free will is just an illusion. It might be true. Why because if the set of processes already built in man (refer to the LAD by Noam Chomsky) to process external information, then it means free will is just an illusion. We just consume information and feed into a system. That system determines what we do and what we don't.

It fixes our priorities and lead us to make actions. We or the conscious act as a robot or a information capturing machine. Our eyes are the mobile camera of our system, ears are the audio capturing devices, mouth is the mic. The sensory organs are nothing but the instruments of the so called system of mind.

What is the purpose of this system. The system ensures the survival, nothing else. But as there bugs in every system, the human system also has maladaptiveness. Some eat more to create obesity, some get depressed and commit suicide. Such systems or I would say chemical imbalances in the brain is corrected by therapies and drugs. System is still thousands of years old.

System of mind is old as ancient humans. As I said before evolution happens in tiny bits in a larger span of time. Hence the fast speed of current modern life is something the system is not capable enough to handle which bring more bugs. Unfortunately we have no way to predict who is going to die and who is going to live for so many years. We can make models by understanding the overall health of people. We cannot turn back time or to go faster into the future. Our understanding, system of mind, capabilities are limited.