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Increase Wireless Modem Speed Settings

We all know how difficult it is to get some good internet speed. I placed router and wireless modem in a good area and in a high position and still its not giving me proper speed as it supposed to be. Hence I figured many of you might be struggling with this lack of speed. So here is a post to know how to increase modem speed and how to Increase Wireless Modem Speed Settings.

Many websites tells you to upgrade modem, change the position of your modem, update software, add wireless repeater, wifi extender and so many physical changes. Well, many of them do not address how to increase speed of your internet by changing wireless modem settings. Here is an easy way increase internet speed using your wireless modem settings.

Login to the Wireless Modem Settings

Check the back of the modem to see an ip address which looks like 192:92:1:1 or similar to this. There will be numbers like this and password and username listed under this. If not check with the internet provider in your area and get username and password.

Increase Wireless Modem Speed Settings

You can also go to Google and search for wireless modem login IP and password by adding your internet provider name. That search would be something like this - 

  • AT&T Internet (U-Verse) wireless modem login IP and password. For AT&T it is Likewise you can every one of the login IP and password.
  • CenturyLink wireless modem login IP and password
  • Consolidated Communications wireless modem login IP and password
  • FairPoint Communications wireless modem login IP and password
  • Digital West wireless modem login IP and password
  • Frontier Communications wireless modem login IP and password
  • TDS Telecom wireless modem login IP and password
  • Verizon wireless modem login IP and password
  • Windstream wireless modem login IP and password

By doing this you will get to know the IP address to login. Usually the password and username is admin or 0000 or password. So type these three one by one and check if it is working. This means type username as admin and password as admin. If it does not work, type admin as username and password as password.

Enable Wireless Modem Speed Settings

We as a whole expertise troublesome it is to get some great web speed. I put switch and remote modem in a decent zone and in a high position and still its not giving me appropriate speed as it expected to be. Thus I figured huge numbers of you may be battling with this absence of speed. So here is a post to realize how to speed up and how to Increase Wireless Modem Speed Settings. 

Numerous sites advises you to redesign modem, change the situation of your modem, update programming, include remote repeater, wifi extender thus numerous physical changes. All things considered, a significant number of them don't deliver how to speed up your web by changing remote modem settings. Here is a simple way speed up utilizing your remote modem settings.

Once you have login to the settings, go to wireless option. If it is not not there, go to each tab and check for Bandwidth option. Go to Bandwidth and select the maximum bandwidth provided in that option. Mine was Bandwidth Current :  20MHz. I was getting 8 mbps speed. I then changed to Bandwidth 40 Mhz and i was getting 11 MBPS speed. 

Use a Different WiFi Channel

My Modem was using a channel 1. I switched this to 4 and gained 1 mbps speed extra. You can do this by going to Wireless > Control Channel> Select another channel >  Then apply. Then the current channel will change. Current :  4 ***Interference Level: Acceptable.

Router Settings to Increase Speed

You enable all the below settings to gain some speed.
Change the 802.11 band from 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz. In some modems, this is not available.
QoS  Enable
WAN Blocking Enable
IPsec PassThrough Enable
PPTP PassThrough Enable
Remote Config Management Disable
Multicast Enable Enable
UPnP Enable Disable
NAT ALG Status
RSVP Enable
FTP Enable
TFTP Enable
Kerb88 Enable
NetBios Enable
IKE Enable
RTSP Enable
Kerb1293 Enable
H225 Enable
PPTP Enable
MSN Enable
SIP Enable
ICQ Enable
IRC666x Enable
ICQTalk Enable
Net2Phone Enable
IRC7000 Enable
IRC8000 Enable

Apply everything and reboot the wireless modem. Check for the downloading and uploading speed and see if there is an increase in the speed of internet connectivity. These Increase Wireless Modem Speed Settings worked for me and I hope it will for you too. 

Share this Increase internet speed using Wireless Modem Speed Settings to others if this worked for you. Let others to have a high speed data connection too.

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