How to Transfer iCloud Photos to Google Photos

A friend asked me how to transfer icloud photos to Google photos and is there an easy way to move all photos from icloud to google photos on mac and another asked me how to move photos from icloud drive to google photos.

Well, there are no software or plugins to transfer all these pictures from icloud to Google drive. Here is a step by step guide to sync apple photos with google photos for anyone with a little knowledge of icloud and Google drive.

Why We Need to Transfer iCloud Photos to Google Photos

Google provides you with unlimited storage space which is an added benefit to the handling and sorting capacity of Google photos. Google has better visualization capabilities and visual image search than icloud. Collaborative photo albums where many people can add photos simultaneously is just miraculous when it comes to Google photos.

How to Transfer iCloud Photos to Google Photos

Personally I use both icloud and Google photos. I sometimes get this error “Your iCloud Storage is Almost Full.”  which is pretty annoying when it comes to storage. Imagine trying to take a photo in iphone and suddenly this error pops out and you are so pissed. I do not want to pay more for the icloud storage. What is the solution for this problem of no space on icloud.

Move Your iCloud Photo Library to Google Photos

Google offers 15 Gb in total online space which is comfortable for many people. The good thing is that this online space of 15gb comes without monthly subscription fee. There are multiple ways to sync your photos from icloud to Google photos.

Step 1: Install Google Photos - Smart Photo and Video Storage App and Sync icloud Photos to Google Photos

You have to download the Google photo app from Apple store first. It works with iphone, ipad and you can use it while doing iMessage. It requires iOS 11.0 or later.  You can upload all your photos to this app. After that you can

Step 2: Disable iCloud photo sharing

Settings > iCloud > Photos and toggle off iCloud Photo Library and iCloud Photo Sharing and My Photo Stream.

Move Your iCloud photos to your local computer or external hard disk

You can download all your photos from icloud using a simple technique.

Step 1: Download all photos from icloud to your local computer

You can visit https://icloud.com/photos/ for this. Select your photos and then click on download. This will be used to save icloud shared album to local computer.

Step 2: Upload all photos to Google photos by installing Google Drive

Once you have downloaded all icloud photos, now you can manually upload all icloud shared album to google photos using drive app which can be downloaded windows  computer. I am sure its an inbuilt app. If not you can download it from Google Drive website.

You can also transfer google photos to apple photos using the above Google Photos - Smart Photo and Video Storage App and Sync icloud Photos to Google Photos. This way you will know how to move photos from icloud to Google drive, How to Transfer iCloud Photos to Google Photos and how to move icloud photos to google photos.