Find Closest Public Restrooms Near Me Now

Many do type questions like is there a public restroom near me, where are there public restrooms on beaches near, How do I find the closest public restrooms near me now and where can i use the restroom near me. Now you don't need to type such long questions and read long answers. You can find the closest restroom near you using the below methods.

Here is an easy way to find closest paid bathrooms, family restrooms, portable restroom rental, gas station with restroom and parks with restrooms.

Find Closest Public Restrooms Near Me Now Using Google Maps

Google map has evolved so much in these last few years and now it will show you the latest info on queries like public toilets near me, restroom near me, public restroom near me and public restroom near me now.

Google map will also show you reviews of past users, directions, distance and time to reach the restroom. It is very beneficial for a person if you are in an unknown place. It will show you whether it is open at that time or closed.

Find Closest Public Restrooms Near Me Now

Using Google Map App to Find Restrooms Near Me

To get the near restrooms near you, download Google maps from Android store for android phones and from app store if you are using iphone, or ipad. Open the Google Maps on your phone. Then type the query public toilets near me. You must turn on your location services. Google map app will show you the notification saying that location services must be turned on before searching. 

How to Use Google Map in Mobile Browser to Access Nearby Bathrooms

If you do not know how to download Google maps, go to your browser such as chrome or safari and type this website address without brackets ( maps.google.com) and press search. Then search for "public restroom near me". This will show you all nearby bathrooms which you can access fast. You need to make sure that the location services are turned on. You can do that by going to settings of the phone, search for location services and select the button to on it. 

You can select the option of "Send to Your Phone" to get the url of the places to access it in a later time. You can choose share button to share the location of all restrooms to others such as friends, family members and children.

Using Siri Voice Search to Locate Public Restrooms

You can use siri or Google assistant to on the location services and ask to find public restrooms near me and then no need to type the query public toilets near me. Just open siri or ask "hello siri" and then say "find nearby restrooms". Siri will use the location which you are currently in, search for all nearby location and show you a list of bathrooms which you can use. You can also ask to select a particular toilet and ask for directions to siri.

Google Assistant Voice Search to Locate Public Restrooms

Google assistant works the same. Open the voice search or Google Assistant. You can say “OK Google” to activate the Assistant through voice search. Then say the command "Find Public Restrooms near me" or “Show me toilets near me”. Google Assistant will search all nearby toilets and show the you the nearest one. You can ask to select it and show directions to that.

Search for Closest Public Restrooms in a Place

You can also use searches like this without near me command. You can simple say "show toilets near Disneyland Park or Public Restrooms in Griffith Observatory or Where can I find a bathroom in Santa Monica Pier o public restrooms on beaches near me.

Search for Specific Public Restrooms

If you are with a family and searching for family restrooms, then you can search for "family restrooms near me" and Google map will show you all nearby family restrooms.

If you want to find closest paid bathrooms or portable restroom rentalgas station with restroom and parks with restrooms, you can directly use the commands as I have put in bold letters. You just need to add "show" before the command and if you want to find them near you, then add "near me" command after the restrooms command. An example would be "Show parks with restrooms near me ".

Other apps and websites you can use to find bathrooms online are SitOrSquat, Where to Wee, Flush, Bathroom Scout, Fake Shower, GOT TO GO RESTROOM FINDER, Pee Place, Yelp, Diaroogle, GoHere Washroom Access Program, Thrillist, Google Toilet Locator, Flushd, National Public Toilet Map of Australia, REFUGE Restrooms, The Stanker, Restroom LocatorRefugeRestrooms, NYRestroom and Boston City Bathroom Map.

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