Top 6 Audiophile-Grade Quality Speakers To Buy

 Are you looking for #audiophile opinions for really good speakers. Few months ago I have scoured many US based audio forums. visited shops to listen to various speakers, looking for an additional opinion from Indian music perspective too since all forums are titled towards western music. I was looking for speakers that can last 10+ years. Some audiophile-grade speakers are from Klipsch, KEF, Bowers & Wilkins, Marshal, Denon, etc. Bang and Olufsen stereo prices are way higher.

* There are many in high end Audiophile-Grade Quality. 100K-1mill$+ speakers if you want absolute perfection. I was looking at average high priced ones.

* I am also excluding passive speakers and setup - these speakers will be used in my office room at home and i do not want to have a dedicated full setup. Need really good powered speaker systems that are space efficient.

* Need speakers that can reveal good soundstaging performance, good dynamic range, detail, tonal balance, treble, good mid-range, bass and very low distortion!

 Here is my shortlist after spending a lot of time listening in shops and reading about Audiophile-Grade Quality Speakers. I do not get much time to listen to music during normal day but when I get those 30 or 60 minutes early morning or late night, want it to be a really good experience! 

Top 6 Audiophile-Grade Quality Speakers To Buy

1. Devialet Phantom Reactor 900 Audiophile-Grade Quality Speaker

( 2 speakers in steroe mode since they sell one at a time)  - These are phenomenal and can be felt only when you see and hear them in person. They are made in France and has some impressive technology behind them. Quite an eye catching and tech marvel! Of course priced for that. Cons - Relatively newer company. vert few analog connectivity options depends a lot on phone app.

2. KEF LS50W Wireless Audiophile-Grade Quality Speaker

They are pretty good, little larger for my desk but can fit in easily.They have a screen to do stuff and not app dependent. Newer versions are expected anytime. KEF - The iconic British brand was acquired by a Chinese company and these are China-made speakers. Also looked at the smaller version KEF LSX - again lot of dependency on app, but decent option.

3. Klipsch Fives and Sixes Audiophile-Grade Quality Speaker

Made in the US, they aren't as good as KEF or Devialet or Dali.

4. Dali Calisto Audiophile-Grade Quality Speaker

Made in Denmark. Quite Good and traditional looks.

5. Elac Navis Powered Bookshelf Audiophile-Grade Quality Speaker

Made in Germany. Really good high-end traditional speakers. Sounds phenomenal. Wireless options are missing and adds to the cost. But a really good contender.

6. Bowers and Wilkins formation DUO Audiophile-Grade Quality Speaker

 British Made, Great sound in every way except analog connectivity - needs an additional device. More expensive than other options.

I currently use Spotify Premium 320Kbps stream but plan to add/upgrade into a lossless format via Tidal/ HD streaming services. Other Audiophile-Grade Quality Speakers worth considering are Fyne audio speakers - f 303, Monitor Audio RX6 and Waferdale Diamond series.