How to Add Audio Recording to Google Slides

Are you searching for the best ways on how to add how to use Google Slides. I will show you how to open google slides, create a presentation, manage your presentations and add recording to google slides.

You need to go to Google and search for "Google Slides". You can go to duckduckgo or whatever search engine you use.

You will find Google Slides in the listing and you can click go to Google Slides. This where you will have all the presentations that you are going to create in future.

In order to create a new presentation, you need to click on blank and it it will start a new presentation.

I'll show you have to add audio in your presentation. You go to insert here. You press audio. There are three options like my drive, shared with me and recent.

What you need to do you have to have a file in your Google drive to upload the audio using Drive option. For this you need to open Google Drive and add your aduio file there which will show up here.

Video Instructions to Add Audio Recording to Google Slides

Here is the video that shows you how to Add Audio Recording to Google Slides easily. This step by step process will help you for sure.

How to Create an Audio file or convert

For that create a audio file. It can be anything, music, speech, ring tone, narration etc. Check if the audio format is mp3 or mp4. How to Upload Audio file in Google Drive

You can watch the below step by step video for adding an audio file in Google Drive.

Select on the recording to Add recording or audio mp3 to Google Slides for presentation. and then you just need to click download to save presentation to your computer. That's How to Add Audio Recording to Google Slides. If you like this tutorial, please share..