How to Write Great Affiliate Post

Here is a great step by step instructions to write an amazing article for affiliate marketing and rank in top of Google. 

Keyword Selection

First we need to identify the items or services that we are going to write on. You can either go to Amazon and randomly select any item to write. Then go to Google and type the name of the product you are going to write. Go to the last of the page and there you can see many long tail keywords under related searches. 

You can also just type the product name and wait for Google to fill the the next part. This will also give you an idea of what would be the ideal keyword. 

You can then write "Best name of the item". Google is going to show you the best possible results of it. 

In this case, i got a post from titlted "The best wireless earbuds and earphones in 2020 | TechRadar" as first one. The second one is "Best Bluetooth Wireless Earphones to Buy in India" and third one is Best wireless earbuds 2020: budget and premium. This means more people are searching for wireless earbuds or they are clicking more on that. Thats why Google uped the rankings of those posts. 

How to Write Great Affiliate Post and Rank in Google

From this you can identify keywords, they are, "wireless, earbuds, earphones, buy, India, best, bluetooth". You need again look down further to see if other articles does have these. All of them has it. You can also see the sites. Most of the sites are pretty much big and has higher domain authority. It would be hard to rank this keyword now. You can see the bottom of Google a section called Searches related to best wireless earphones. You can use to find out more keywords related to this.

Keywords suggested
best wireless earphones under 2000
best wireless earphones india
best wireless earphones with mic
best wireless earbuds for android
best wireless earbuds 2019
best budget wireless earbuds
best earphones
best wireless earphones in india under 5000

The keyword "best wireless earphones with mic" have only less posts and does not show any authority sites. You can rank there much easily. Again you need to look at specific keywords in that. 

First result is "(2020) 10 Best Earbuds with Microphone That Are Great for Calls" and the above sites shows up. But after 3-4 results, lower authority sites are shown. So you have a chance in ranking it.

Competitor Search

You can go to SEMRUSH and put up to 10 websites per day to check for similar keywords which your competitors are ranking for. This might be a gold mine as it might show some unexected keywords you never have thought of before. So use that daily limit and search.

Create Subheadings

Once you have selected the top keywords, it is time to create subheadings. You can use keywor.io website to create nice headings. For that you need to copy the keyword and search it in. You will get tons of long tail keywords from it. You can select the ones you like from that.

Now, Google loves synonyms, so first you need to identify synonys of each keyword if possible.
Here is an example for Best: finest, Greatest, Top, Leading, First, Most, Finest Choice, Elite, Top-rated. Outstanding, Perfect, Highest, Incomparable, Second to none, Unparallaled, Exceptional, Satisifying, Positive and Acceptable.

You need to sprinkle some of these keywords in the whole post. You can write like "Top-Rated wireless earphones with mic" or "Finest wireless earphones with mic". Now you can get synomys for all other keywords as well. 
For mic, you will get mike, mic and microphone.
For earphone, you will get headphone, earphone, earpiece and earbuds.

Sprinkled these two in subheadings and minor headings.

Identify 10 Similar Products

Now you identify 10 or 5 products to write a review. You can open the first 3 results in Google, copy the products and create a table in wordpress. I use table builder as it easy to use and customise. You can use other plugins as well. 

This will help you fix on products that you want to write, get the title, some feature, images and check for price amazon affiliate links or any other links. Believe me it will help big time.

Time to Pen Down the Review

You need to go through one by one. Reviews usually take 4-5 days to finish. So finish one and go the next. Write the brand title as h2 heading, a subheading which I showed earlier as h3 heading. Then add the image. Add an alt tag which should contain one of the original keyword from the main title, product title from the subheadings section above. You can write captions as well, I would just pick another subheading and add it there. 

Use Smush to compress images. Add a check out link to Amazon below image. and Add a box with some measurements of the product. Then go to the Amazon or affiliate page, check out the product and check user reviews. Write while you check out thigs to a notepad. Once done copy and paste to wordpress editor. You can install wordpress proof reader to check for spelling mistakes and yoast for seo corrections.

Once done, add another check out link to Amazon and update the review. Done. Keep doing this for 10 products. Once done, take a deep breath,,haha!. Add the table after it.

What to look for

There are many other sections you can add such as what to look for in a wireless earphone and benefits of buying a wireless earphone to create a lengthy post. It depends on your skill and time. 

FAQ Section

You must have seen tons of questions in the Google asked by people. You can select few questions from that and write an FAQ section.


Write a conclusion on the best product you reviewed. You can choose 2-3 products as best and say why it is like that.

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