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Review Idea website is a leading source of information and expertise on the Healthiest Way of Eating food and vegetables and a source to get published information on chronic kidney disease and other health ailments. It's one of the most visited websites on the internet when it comes to "Heal stomach ailments" and "Understanding Chronic Kidney Disease" and comes up in the Top 10 websites on a Google search for these phrases.

Take a Leap of Faith

Just start writing. If you keep on thinking what to write and what should be the topic that I should write with, then I can tell you easily that your wait is not going to get over. That’s what I call taking a leap of faith. There are things which I should tell you about. I think blogging or anything starts from internal motivation. It is hard to stay in the course without distraction and excel. 

When you start writing anything it is better to think will the audience get interested. For that you need to think about the audience. Who are they? You can use Google Analytics to know your audience profile. Which are their best interested posts? 

What do they want to read? You can also get details about age, gender etc. By considering all this, you can provide much more interesting blog. Writing a worthwhile content is not good enough. How do you present is does matter! Just Keep Trying New Flavors, Until You Find the Right Combination.

Review Idea has been providing good quality reviews since 2015. It was started from scratch and was named as healthcostaid.com in the beginning. Unfortunately the content and the website was lost due to a malware attck. From then it took the authors around 2 years to make this happen.

We are on a slumber mood for those period. We were constantly struggling with life, work, relationships, diseases managing finance and what not. Thinking back we learned a lot of about life and work. We then instead of providing mere reviews, expanded our thoughts to help others out there who are struggling to meet the ends of life.

About Review Idea

The slumberness of evolutionary brain

Every problem in our lives are stepping stones for us to attain the ever glowing enlightenment. This day or another, this life of another, we all will have to get out the slumberness of evolutionary brain. Evolution has given us a stepping foot as well as burdens to us. One of the biggest burden out lives are the myth of free will.

We think free will exists and we are acting as per our will. Thats not true at all. Free will is again a product of natural chemical firing in brain. Whatever we are or we think we are are products of those chemical changes in brain. We may die and all those chemical changes cease to exit. Then we are no more.

I know its kind of depressing that we are writing all this in the about section. Well, we are just writing about us. About the whole human kind. We want you to believe in your self not the brain, nor the mind. You as the consciousness and act according what is best for you to attain the goal of enlightenment.

Life time process of going deep in to your self 

Some would say enlightenment is a goal to achieve. But thats for the normal people. If you think more about it, you will know its a life time process of going deep in to your self and understanding the silence of the mind or ceasing of thoughts are called this. How will consciousness function without the instruments of thoughts.

When we stop paying for the domain renewal, all this information completely disappear from human history. This would be a small blip in the whole history of Internet. Just like that we are all small blips in the sea of human history. We and our stories will vanish one day. Till that time we think we are important and great. We think we are powerful. We are not. We are few sands in 7 billion people in the year 2020.

But we do have the strength to be with the universal energy. Till we reach there, we have a long way to go in this life. We hope you will get some positive energy and information from our posts. May the almighty bless you and let the energy bestowed on you.