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We are a team of hard working authors trying to provide meaningful and helpful posts on latest products, relationships, work life balance and health.

Our team of writers and editors have previously worked and researched for the BBC, University of Sussex, UK, The Times of India and NDTV, to name a few. We also work with research organizations, think-tanks and development agencies. Our team of authors are well versed with qualitative research, gender analysis, editorial work, social media & communications,
frameworks, Impact assessment reports covering entire cycle from baseline-middle and final  reports
and translation work.

Our portfolio includes:

-- Blogs

-- White papers

-- Investor education modules

-- Case studies

-- News reports

-- Multi-language translation

-- Social media content

-- Product descriptions

-- Mailers

-- Animation videos

-- Explainer videos

-- Corporate ads (scripting to shooting)

-- Short films and documentaries

We serve large to midsized companies to implement their corporate social responsibility (CSR) plan and social investments. We conduct due diligence, social audit, project evaluation on development sector projects, and provide advisory facilities to Corporates. We create create strategy plans and annual implementation plans for the Projects, documentation for the Projects and timely submission to the Donors/Partners.

We also develop & implement the Information Management System for Health, Education, Water & Sanitation and Economic Development programs, undertake technical work related to data generation, analysis and interpretation of the data and provide development of strategies/ protocols/Standards etc. related to data management.