Part Time Content Writers Needed for Reviewidea.com

Reviewidea.com is a leading online platform about technology, home products and entertainment. We are user centric company that focuses to deliver Many ask me how can new ordinary people and bloggers benefit from reviewidea.com. To answer that, We have started this Review Idea Payout Program for Guest posts done by new content creators, bloggers and those who want to earn a quick buck. 

Why Review Idea?

Many companies get their products/services reviewed by reviewidea authors and we get paid from reviewing them. Since we are in market for more than 12 years, we really benefit from the traffic, viral nature of reviews, and valuable feedbacks from our beloved audience, while new bloggers, content creators find it extremely difficult to reach out to the world.

What is Review Idea Payout Program for Guest Posts

Part Time Content Writers Needed for Reviewidea.com

As Covid19 has hit the world, may has lost jobs, income and the security of offline jobs. Anyone can write an article but to make money from that is tough. It takes years of expertise and marketing. Thats where reviewidea payout program comes in. 

You write the article and our experienced editors will review it, change it according to our standard and publish it. You will earn a percentage of the money. Isn't that a good deal. You don't need any expertise in content marketing, SEO, or anything. We will give you everything you need. You just need to have the patience to write and edit as per our needs.

You sit at home with your family members, get away from covid19 and research and write articles. Nothing else. The more time you spend on research and writing, the more expertise you get and more money you can earn. We will offer you all guidelines and how to research everything to equip you.

You can earn money by submitting posts to Review Idea.com. ReviewIdea’s expert web authors will review your post or article. If it is as per our standards, we will inform you and publish it our site. You will be offered a sum for the post depending on the quality and standard. 

We will also assess the article later how it increases site traffic to reviewidea, viral buzz, and invaluable feedback from audience. The good thing is that if approved, you will be earning a good amount of money. You can accept the offer and you will be paid.

Here are some basic guidelines;

1. We only accept posts that have a content length of 1500 words with proper grammar and no spelling mistakes - If your article is accepted, our admins will contact you.

2. It should have good readability and should be read at least twice by the author.

3. No self promotion links, videos or images are accepted. We are buying your article so we own the copyright to it.

4. Article must be original and should not be copied from anywhere else. We will use plagarism checkers to check for originality.

Why Review Idea Payout Program is Better For You To Earn Money

Review Idea Payout Program for Guest Posts

Our writers review what they find interesting. Our reviews and comparisons are not ads, hence many companies contact us for good reviews. 

If your articles are regularly published in our site, we will add you to our "PAID LIST WRITER PROGRAM" where we will contact you to write reviews for products and services. The more interesting and in-deph the article is, the company will pay more and you will gain more money for the article.

We have many writers on board and we always welcome new writers and appreciate for their style, grammar, content niche, on article seo, keyword selections and many more. We will be reviewing your article and edit it accordingly to match our standards.

We offer market prices for each review and sometimes provide free products to the authors for reviewing. Many of our clients provide us with custom labelled items which will be send to the author for review.

All the articles published in the site will be the property of the Review Idea team. You should send us a a sample article with your contact email id. You can find my email id in contact us page if you are interested. 

Update 1:  We are receiving so many emails and it is hard for us to respond to each one of it. Here are some more details which are requested by everyone.

We will be offering payment per month but according to quality of content and readability. You need to send a sample article of 1500 words to us which we will not publish or use. 

It is to be used only for understanding your writing skills. If approved we will contact you and offer you keywords and the amount which you can write articles. 

If you agree to it, then we can sign an agreement disclosing that the articles you write are original and only for reviewidea.com and will be the sole property of us and you will not share it to anyone else or publish it anywhere else.

You will be writing in an online word document so our admins can follow it. Once the article is finished, we will send you the payment using Google Pay/ Paypal.

Update 2: Since I am getting many responses from people and even companies content writing, I am planning to employ a content writer for a month. I will pay 7000 rs a month to start with. The person has to give me only two articles per day. 

Content length would be 1200 words each. This will take only 2-4 hours maximum. I will provide the topic and the website which the person need to go to and paraphrase. If you are interested, do let me know

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